Best Fishing Tackle Box equipment for beginners

best fishing tackle box

So you have decided to practice the best sport on the planet: fishing! Now you need to prepare to go fishing. This step can seem confusing and overwhelming when looking at the thousands of different fishing products on the market. Here are the basic basics to get started:

Rod and reel

This is easily the most important tool for best fishing tackle box. A rotating rod and a reel are the most popular option and the easiest to learn. Fishermen can use a rotating combo (rod and reel together) at any level of experience.

Box of hooks

Having a rig box is very important. Your gearbox will keep all your lures, hooks and tools in one place. This will protect the equipment from water and sun and make everything easier to find.

Floats and sinkers

Both are very basic items for fishing. Floats are used to keep your bait suspended and out of the bottom. In contrast, sinks are used to keep your bait at the bottom of the water.


Having a variety of hooks of different sizes is very important when starting. Different size options will give you the possibility to use baits of different sizes and point to a wide variety of fish.

Fishing line

The line (or line) is used to attach your hook or lure to your reel. Normally, when you just start, the fishing monofilament line will work for most configurations.

Keep everything simple with a clear line and make sure that the thickness of the line is adequate for the size of the fish you will be targeting.


When starting, it is a good idea to keep everything simple. As you fish more, you will learn which lures and baits are successful in your region and why, from your fellow fishermen. Start with basic lures, spoons and small drumsticks that look like realistic fish until you discover which lures are best for your area.

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